Educate Your Voice

April 16th is World Voice Day and the theme this year is to "educate" your voice. Take a minute today and visit the AAO-HNS World Voice Day website to learn more about your voice. The site will have information about how voice is produced, ways to maintain and protect your voice, and common problems that can affect your voice. Oftentimes in the office we see patients with complaints of hoarseness. Depending on the diagnosis, we often utilize vocal health specialists to help patients with voice therapy.


Here are a few simple vocal health tips:

  • Don't smoke.
  • Learn to keep yourself well hydrated. Water is best!
  • Don't scream or shout. Use a microphone and speaker system if you need to project your voice.
  • Take a break and rest your voice if you have laryngitis. Vocal cords need rest and time to heal.
  • Be smart and come in to be evaluated by an ENT doctor if you have persistent hoarseness.

Have a happy and healthy World Voice Day!

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