Surving the Spring

 The Spring season is here and if you are one that suffers from allergies it can cause an increase in your allergy symptoms. As you plan to spend more time outdoors remember some of the following things to reduce your pollen exposure:

  • Keep windows closed in the home to prevent pollens or molds from drifting into the home.
  • Keep car windows closed when traveling.
  • Minimize outdoor activity on days when the pollen count or humidity is reported to be high or on windy days when mold and pollen are blown about. Check out if you need a resource to see pollen counts in your area.
  • Use a paper mask when mowing or raking which stirs up pollens and molds.
  • Avoid hanging sheets or clothing out to dry, pollen and molds collect on them.
  • Take a shower after spending time outdoors to remove pollen and mold that may be on your skin and hair.

This is a time when it is important to make sure you are using your nasal steroid spray (prescription, not over the counter) on a daily basis to get the full benefit. Taking a daily antihistamine can also help to reduce the severity of or eliminate allergy symptoms. If you are not currently on allergy treatment and are interested in being tested, please give the office a call. We also offer same day appointments if you need it!

Happy Spring!

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